Previously described as “digital duct tape” and a “glue gun” for web sites, connects the various digital mediums that an individual uses in a personalized sequence to fit their needs. could not be simpler to use. Even the most technologically challenged person can easily understand the concept and begin using this service immediately. It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up, and there are no wordy instructions or waivers to read. There are no fees associated with signing up. So let’s review. So far we have a combination that rarely happens: is free to use, extremely easy to set up, and offers a way to save you time and utilize technology to work for you. Too good to be true? Not this time.

So what does it do? Here are some examples. After you sign up, you see the prompt, “If this”; the word “this” is the link. Click on it. Up pops a variety of digital medium vehicles. Choose one that you use. I chose the stock market chart icon. I clicked on it and it asked what stock I wanted to track, and if I wanted to be notified when it reached or fell to a certain price. I added the ticker symbol and the price I wanted.

 Then the words “Then that” appear. The word “that” is a link. Click on it. Up pops the choices as to how you want to be notified. I chose to be notified via Twitter. It is literally that easy. Now when the stock I am following advances to the designated amount, I will instantly receive notification, allowing me to harvest the information from the web for my immediate consideration.

The task I set up follows the pattern, “If this, then that”, and once created that sequence is referred to as a “recipe.” Over 900 hundred recipes have been created by existing users. In addition to having the ability to set your own unique recipe, you can browse through the existing recipes and choose which ones suit your needs.

An example of an existing recipe I saw and chose to use for myself is the ability to save every photo i’m tagged in on Facebook to my Dropbox account. Another recipe that may be useful includes a prearranged excuse escape, programming a message to be texted to your cell phone providing the perfect excuse to end an excruciatingly long date.

What does the future hold for this service? We never know but this is definitely a new service worth trying out. brings a whole new dimension to delivering digital information, and allows the user to be in control like never before.

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